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You can now preorder the Xbox One S, but there's a catch

While the One S will have a $299 model, the 2TB launch edition will cost a bit more.

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You'll have to wait for August for your new Xbox One S -- but you can preorder one right now.

The smaller (and better) version of the Xbox game console was unveiled on Monday at the company's E3 press conference, and Microsoft is wasting no time in taking orders.

But there's a catch: while there will eventually be versions of the One S for $299 (500GB) and $349 (1TB), the only one with an August ship date is the $399 2TB model. Of course, many gamers will consider that model to be a great deal, given the cavernous hard drive. All Xbox One S models, meanwhile, retain all the features of the original model with a sleek enclosure that's 40 percent smaller, and includes a redesigned wireless controller.

The One S can be preordered at the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Amazon and GameStop, among others. (Ship dates for the lesser expensive models are currently listed as late December, but that's a common tactic for games and gaming hardware that's expected at an indeterminate date in the fourth quarter.)

Xbox One 2TB ($399): Microsoft Store | Best Buy | Amazon | GameStop

Xbox One 1TB ($349): Best Buy | Amazon | GameStop

Xbox One 500GB ($299): Best Buy | Amazon | GameStop

Best Buy/Screenshot by Jacob Krol