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Xbox One preorders point to Nov. 30 arrival

A day after the next-gen console's unveiling, U.K. tech retailer Zavvi is asking for a whopping 400 pounds, or about $608, for the next-generation Xbox One.

Xbox One
The logo says just Xbox, but this is the new Xbox One. James Martin/CNET

Gamers desperate to splash out on Microsoft's blocky new Xbox One console needn't wait until Christmas, as U.K. retailers have already started taking preorders for the upcoming gaming gadget.

Green-hued tech retailer Zavvi is asking for a whopping 400 pounds ($608) for the Xbox One, which was revealed Tuesday at a bespoke Microsoft shindig.

That's a very high price, even for a new console, though Zavvi's 'price promise' policy should mean that if the price comes down before the console goes on sale, you'll only end up paying the final price.

Zavvi's also pegged the Xbox One as having a November 30 release date. I suspect that could be subject to change, but feels about right -- Microsoft promised that the console would be out this year, and it'll want to ensure its new toy is lining shop shelves in time for the annual Christmas spend-a-thon.

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