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Xbox One update to integrate live TV and Twitter

One feature in a November update is a new tab showing most-watched TV programs, including those trending on Twitter.

The Xbox One November update will let you customize your background. Microsoft

Microsoft is trying to help Xbox One owners discover new TV shows and more courtesy of the upcoming November update.

In an Xbox Wire blog posted on Monday, Microsoft's Larry Hyrb, aka Major Nelson, described in details all the features headed to Xbox One users in next month's update. Through a variety of enhancements are due up, one batch focuses specifically on those who watch live TV via their consoles.

A new tab will appear in the Xbox One's OneGuide that shows you the top 20 most watched TV shows, with the list designed to display only those shows available to you. You can easily jump to a specific show by pressing the A button on your controller. Further, you can see what shows are popular on the Twittersphere by catching which ones people are talking about on Twitter. The tab will show you what your fellow Xbox One owners are watching as well.

You'll also be able to tweak your Xbox One background. Dubbed the "No. 1 fan-requested feature" by Hyrb, this enhancement allows you to choose your own color or achievement art for your background. Hyrb promised more customization options in the future. Further, you'll be able to share your location and bio in your profile so that your fellow gamers can more easily learn more about you.

The update also moves the navigation buttons for the Store pages so that you can more quickly find games, add-ons, and other items. There's also a new section specifically for apps. Internet Explorer users will be able to more easily jump back and forth between full-screen mode.

Finally, the November update adds a leaderboard feature that displays how you rank among your friends based on the number of points you've earned.

Many of the features in the November update are already available for Xbox One preview members who get to sample the latest monthly update ahead of time. Other users of the console will have to wait until next month to receive the update.