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Xbox One games up for pre-order, will cost £50-55

Xbox One games are up for pre-order now! But they're not cheap...

Head to the Microsoft Store, and you'll see the company has put some Xbox One games and accessories up for pre-order. The bad news? The games cost between £50 and £55. Which seems a lot, when games for mobiles cost very little, or are free altogether.

Still, maybe we should count our blessings. I remember when Street Fighter II came out for the SNES, and people were willing to pay £70 plus. Crazy times.

So what's on offer? At the cheaper end, Kinect Sports Rival will set you back £50, as will Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Forza Motorsport 5FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, Just Dance 2014, Madden NFL 25 and UFC will all set you back £55 each. Though you'll get a free copy of FIFA 2014 if you pre-ordered a Day One Edition of the console.

SkyLanders SWAP Force Starter Pack will set you back £65, but that comes with some figures to play with.

An extra Xbox One controller costs £45, while if you want one with a Play & Charge Kit, it'll set you back £60. Want to talk to American teenagers while playing? You'll need the Chat Headset, which costs £20.

The Xbox One will go on sale in the UK on 22 November, a week before the PS4. Microsoft's console is £80 more expensive than Sony's.

Microsoft originally planned an 'always-online' policy, but withdrew it after the massive backlash. Microsoft was surprised at how negative the reaction was. "If I had to go back and wish that I could rewind time and redo one thing, that would be the one thing," Microsoft's director of product planning Albert Penello told Rev3Games.

"People got in their minds that what we were trying to do was evil or anti-customer," he said, "when in fact, we were looking at what Steam does, we were looking at what iOS is doing, we were looking where the customers were going and saying 'I think we can actually give you a better all-digital experience.'"

Well maybe. Are you excited by the Xbox One? Is £55 too much to pay for a game? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.