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Xbox One evolution: We trace the history of the Xbox (video)

In this video we examine the history of the Xbox, starting with its origins in the late '90s and ending with a forward look to the just-revealed console. Plus, a lesson that Microsoft should learn from its own success...

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Microsoft's much-anticipated Xbox One console has finally broken through into the realm of officialdom -- but how did a company best known for inventing Clippy become one of the biggest forces in gaming? In this video, we trace the history of the Xbox, and take a look at its future, too.

You'll learn how the Xbox came to be, and the working title that the then-revolutionary console was built under. You'll also get a glimpse at its debut 12 years ago, and get the chance to remember some of the first console's biggest hits -- and most disastrous flops.

We'll also be looking at the Xbox 360 in this bite-size history lesson, pumping your brain with info about gaming hardware old and new. Once you're suitably filled with knowledge, we'll be asking whether Microsoft's new focus on TV is a smart move, and which companies could be the next to unexpectedly usurp the gaming world.

What's your biggest memory of the Xbox's illustrious history? Halo? The Red Ring of Death? And are you excited about the new console, or not in the slightest bit bothered? Watch the video, and let me know your thoughts in the comments.