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Xbox One controller PC-compatible in 2014, Microsoft says

The swanky new peripheral will require some tinkering, but should become PC-compliant in 2014, Microsoft promises.

Not enamoured with the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4? Would you rather blast baddies using your faithful gaming PC instead? Here's a compromise for you -- Microsoft says the Xbox One's controller will work with PCs next year.

The redesigned peripheral will play nicely with old fashioned 'puters at some point in 2014, Penny Arcade Report writes, quoting a statement from the House of Clippy.

"The Xbox One controller... shares no underlying technology with the current Xbox 360 controller," a Microsoft rep is quoted as saying, going on to add, "The addition of features like Impulse triggers means that new software has to be written and optimised for the PC.

"It's actually quite a bit of dedicated work," Microsoft reportedly says, citing new wireless protocols and a 'wired' mode as more reasons why getting the Xbox One controller to work with the PC isn't that easy.

"We know people want to use the Xbox One controller on their PC, and we do too -- we expect to have the functionality available in 2014."

That's a long-winded way of saying that making computers work with the new system isn't simple, but Microsoft is working on it. Ballmer and pals recently published a promo video showcasing the new controller, which you can watch below these very words.

The Xbox One controller has an integrated battery, so you'll need to keep it charged up instead of simply popping in new AAs. The d-pad has been altered and buttons tweaked to make them more responsive, and the shape is slightly different too. The Start and Back buttons are gone, replaced with two brand-new keys.


In other Xbox One news, Microsoft has said in a Q&A with IGN that the console will work even when Kinect isn't plugged in, allaying gamers' fears that they might be cut off from their games if they don't like the thought of having Microsoft's fancy camera gawping at them from atop their telly.

With Sony reportedly achieving the PS4's lower £349 price by ditching the camera, here's hoping Microsoft decides to sell a version of the Xbox One that doesn't come with Kinect, and is a tad easier on players' wallets.

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