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Xbox One controller coffee table gamifies your living room

Take your home furniture to the next level up with a coffee table disguised as a huge Xbox One controller.

Set your coffee on a controller.


Your living room is also your gaming sanctuary. It's where you throw touchdowns to NFL stars, conquer battlefields and race your opponents into oblivion.

It can also be where you kick your feet up on a giant Xbox One controller coffee table after a long day playing Grand Theft Auto.

The handmade coffee table comes from Etsy seller WoodCurve, who also brought us a huge PlayStation controller coffee table in 2015. This latest creation gives equal time to the Xbox crowd. The controller replica sits on steel hairpin legs. It might look the part, but you'll still need your real handheld controller to operate your games.

WoodCurve's Xbox One table joins a proud lineage of controller coffee tables, including this functional NES table and this (non-functional) steampunk version of that table.

The Xbox controller furniture piece sells for $1,199 and only ships to the US. The custom tempered-glass top is not included in the price, but can be added. That's probably a good idea. That way you won't have to vacuum up your snack crumbs from the giant controller buttons.