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Xbox Live ad hints at November relaunch

An Xbox Live ad hints that the new Xbox Live experience will be launching this November.

I smell a hint.

While nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft, a suspicious Xbox Live in-dash ad definitely points to November for the long-awaited dashboard relaunch. CNET sister site GameSpot reports that an ad for Rock Band 2 blatantly claims to "Check out the New Xbox Experience coming in November!"

We first learned details about the brand new Xbox Live dashboard at this summer's E3 2008 press conference, where it was also announced that the new interface would support personal avatars--think Nintendo Mii characters--and Netflix streaming capabilities. Other new features offered by the update will include the ability to completely install a game onto the system's hard drive, which will drastically reduce the strain on the console's DVD drive and potentially decrease loading times.

The Xbox 360 recently saw a price drop, making the entry-level system the lowest priced next-generation console on the market. We hope to have more information on the highly anticipated dashboard update when Microsoft makes an official announcement.