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Xbox Boss on new Nintendo president: 'I'm sure he'll do great'

Phil Spencer says Nintendo has a great gaming track record and Tatsumi Kimishima will surely continue that.

Top Xbox boss Phil Spencer has spoken out to offer some well wishes to Nintendo's new president, Tatsumi Kimishima, who takes over as leader of the entertainment giant for Satoru Iwata.

Asked for his thoughts on Twitter, Spencer said, "I don't know him but Nintendo is great gaming with amazing track record. I'm sure he'll do great; I wish him well."


Kimishima has been elected as Nintendo's president for a one-year term, replacing Iwata, who died in July.

In a recent interview, Kimishima indicated he had no intention to alter the course Iwata placed the company on, and will continue Nintendo's efforts to enter the mobile market. He also predicted that the Wii U would not be a success.

Nintendo is entering a time of change. Kimishima will lead the company as it gears up to reveal its next gaming console, codenamed the NX. Meanwhile, Nintendo will release the first of its new mobile games this year. Outside of gaming, Nintendo is bringing its characters to theme parks and maybe the big screen.

In other recent Nintendo news, the company has confirmed that its Nintendo Direct broadcasts will continue without Iwata.