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Xbox 360 to get Hulu? (Update: Probably not)

A random tweet sets off a rumor that Microsoft may announce Hulu support for the Xbox 360 at its press conference at E3 on Monday.


Ah, there's nothing like a little random tweet to start a rumor.

"Just finished promos for hulu/microsoft event I'm doing on june 8!" Olivia Munn of G4's "Attack of the Show" wrote on her Twitter feed last night.

Seems harmless enough on the surface, but put it in the hands of some zealous bloggers, their antennas on high alert for any E3 related news (Microsoft's press conference is on Monday), and the rumor wheels start churning. Could Microsoft be planning to announce Hulu support for the Xbox 360?

Sounds good to me--and a lot of other people, too. Some folks are already streaming Hulu to their Xbox 360s using a little software program called PlayOn, but the idea here is an integrated Hulu application along the lines of the Netflix video streaming plug-in that's currently available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers who also have a Netflix account.

Those keeping score between Microsoft and Sony will be quick to note that the PS3 already has Hulu support via the PS3's built-in Web browser. If Microsoft were to add Hulu as well, it would be a small coup, and it wouldn't be a shocker considering Microsoft has been looking at possible XBox 360 tie-ins to Hulu and YouTube for several months. However, at yesterday's All Things D conference, NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker reiterated Hulu's , anti-Boxee stance saying that, "Right now we're committed to Hulu being an online experience, and that's where our vision is today, and I think that will continue." So, take this rumor for what it's worth.


(Source: Twitter via Gizmodo)

Update: Alas, Ms. Munn's Hulu-Microsoft connection is related to Microsoft's new Bing search engine and a Bingathon on Hulu June 8. Ms. Munn refers to the event on her Web site, calling Bing a "Web browser." (Thanks to commenter Ninjatuned for pointing this out). Of course, Microsoft could still announce Hulu support for the Xbox 360 on Monday, but we wouldn't bet on it.