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Xbox 360 pricing and bundles confirmed

Xbox 360 pricing and bundles confirmed

A flood of Xbox 360 pricing details hit the wire this morning, confirming that Microsoft's next-generation console will launch in two flavors: a $299 edition that comes with one wired controller, a detachable faceplate, and standard A/V cables; and a souped-up $399 version that ships with a 20GB hard drive, a wireless controller, a wireless headset, a limited-edition wireless Media Center remote, and HD-capable component A/V cables. Both SKUs will include a basic Xbox Live Silver membership.

The long and short of the announcement is this: Yes, you'll be able to get an Xbox 360 for the same $299 you would have paid to get the original Xbox back in 2001. But you'll be getting a deliberately bare-bones rig whose necessary accessories will bring you perilously close to the cost of the $399 package anyway; without a hard drive, you'll need a memory card, and the "official" 64MB model ($39.99) is only 60 bucks cheaper than the bump up to the 20GB deluxe package.

Also significant about this release is what it didn't tell us: there's still no confirmed release date, nor are there any set launch titles (whoops!). But gamers now know exactly what size piggy bank they'll need to fill between now and the holidays.