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Xbox 360 overtakes Wii as UK's current best-selling console

The Xbox 360 will soon become the UK's best-selling console, overtaking the Wii, according to the stat-trackers.

In gaming terms, it's a battle of the geriatrics: in the next few days the Xbox 360 is set to overtake the Wii as this generation's best-selling games console in the UK. That's according to the number-crunchers over at GfK Chart-Track, MCV reports.

Microsoft's 8-year-old device (in console terms, that's old enough to be sucking on Werther's Originals) has sold 8.4 million units here in Blighty. And the software giant is understandably chuffed to bits.

"This is an historic milestone and our sincere thanks goes to each and every person that has bought and enjoyed Xbox 360 over the past eight years," director of Xbox and entertainment Harvey Eagle said.

"As you saw at E3 earlier this month, we announced a new Xbox 360 form factor and we are committed to ensuring Xbox 360 remains the best place to play games, connect with friends and enjoy your entertainment. You'll see great exclusive content coming not only to Xbox 360, but also to Xbox One later this year."

Microsoft is such a fan of the Xbox 360, in fact, it thinks it's good enough for anyone who doesn't have an Internet connection and so can't use its Xbox One. Foot. In. Mouth. Though it then pulled a U-turn, and claimed you won't have to connect online to play on its new console. You'll also be able to lend each other games, and play second-hand titles without any fuss, which goes against Microsoft's previous claims.

Seriously, talk about confusing messages.

The PS4 will be cheaper than the Xbox One, and with the Android-running Ouya on the horizon, not to mention a possible Google console, I think Microsoft will have its work cut out. It's rare for a console maker to stay top dog two devices in a row -- just look at the Wii U following the success of the Wii -- so it'll be fun to watch how this one pans out.

Are you looking forward to the Xbox One? Or do you have your sights set on another next-gen console? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.