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Xbox 360 launch lineup leaks

Xbox 360 launch lineup leaks

Where would we be without the hapless retail outlets who routinely leak details of products before they're announced through official channels? It seems that EBgames has inadvertently tipped Microsoft's hand, announcing the Xbox 360's launch lineup a full three months before the console's anticipated release date.

Check out the full list here (via, and note that, for now, you can click through to individual game pages on EB's site, then mutter to yourself upon noticing that they all appear to be priced in the vicinity of $59.99. Now, if only EB could start leaking coupon codes and free gift certificates and maybe just start direct-mailing Xbox 360s to people, then we'd be getting somewhere.

Update: EBgames has since put up a disclaimer saying that prices aren't official. Though the pricing and release dates you see on its sites are likely close to accurate, you'll want to take them with a few grains of salt.