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Xbox 360 getting next-gen 'Pac-Man'

Microsoft and Namco Bandai are launching a 'Pac-Man' game for the Xbox 360.

Microsoft, together with Namco Bandai Games America, on Tuesday announced a new version of the classic arcade Pac-Man at the Pac-Man World Championships in New York's Times Square. Pac-Man Championship Edition will have the first new mazes in 26 years. The new title is set to be available Wednesday morning on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 Microsoft points.

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Finalists Robert Glashuettner from Austria (age 28) and Carlos Romero from Mexico (age 27) went head to head on the new version, in lieu of the classic '80s title. Both were competing for the chance to win 100,000 Microsoft points (valued at about $1,250), a special Pac-Man edition of the Xbox 360, and free Quizno's sandwiches for the next 26 years. Romero, who has been playing video games since age 6, won the face-off, beating Glashuettner 22,160 to 17,730. As a runner-up, Glashuettner nets 40,000 Microsoft points, which is valued at about $500.

Pac-Man creator Toru Iwatani also announced that he is retiring from game development to teach at Tokyo Polytechnic University. He had previously taught character design studies at the University of Arts in Osaka.

CNET's Caroline McCarthy contributed to this report.