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Xbox 360 Bluetooth headset, new media remote set

Microsoft announces new $60 chat device, $20 media remote with Live TV button coming this fall.

new Bluetooth headset
Microsoft's new Bluetooth headset for the Xbox 360. Microsoft

Last year, Microsoft rolled out a new Xbox 360 controller with a transforming D-pad. Now, the Redmond tech giant is preparing two new Xbox 360 peripherals: a $60 Bluetooth headset and a fresh $20 media remote.

Due out in early November, the Bluetooth headset will work with compatible mobile phones and PCs, as well as the Xbox 360, through standard radio frequencies. Also arriving at that time will be a new media playback remote for the Xbox 360.

The remote (pictured here) lets users manipulate playback of Xbox 360 media as well as live television, a service that was confirmed for the Xbox 360 at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo last month.

The new controller also sports A, B, X, Y, and D-pad navigation buttons. It is not known when the television service will launch or which television providers will be available to users.

This story originally appeared on GameSpot.