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Xbox 360 and PS3 graphics go head to head

Re-examining the controversy over which console offers the best graphics: PS3 or Xbox 360.

It's a debate that spawned well before the next-generation of gaming even began. Fast-forward to present day, and you'll find that jury still seems to be out on which console provides the better graphical experience.

While console fanboys would have you believing otherwise, the truth is that there really is no dramatic difference in the majority of multiplatform games on either the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3.

That said, CNET sister site Gamespot has re-examined the controversy in their third look at comparing the graphics on both consoles. Quite possibly the most in-depth comparison to date, Gamespot used games such as Grand Theft Auto IV, The Orange Box, and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 in their testing.

Now that you have all the evidence laid out neatly in front of you, what do you think?