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X-Wing Fighter coffee table goes galactic in your living room

Even a Jedi needs to sit back and watch some mindless television from time to time. This coffee table is the perfect place for Luke Skywalker to rest his feet.

X-Wing Fighter coffee table
This just needs some "Star Wars" action figures to complete the look. Barry Shields

If Luke Skywalker had a living room with a big-screen TV, he would also have a hand-carved X-Wing Fighter coffee table made of wood and glass. The detailed model looks like it's in mid-flight, except instead of blasting the forces of the Dark Side, it's calmly guarding your coffee.

The table is designed so that half of the spaceship is above the glass and half is below. That means it takes up quite a bit of space that could otherwise hold mugs, half-eaten bags of Doritos, and vintage issues of "Starlog" magazine. Still, the design is so cool, you won't miss having the extra room.

As an important item of geek furniture, the X-Wing Fighter coffee table has been getting a lot of attention in the geek world. Some people have attributed its creation to the mysterious team of Sean Regan and Aubrey Cohen. Others have placed its origin with Barry Shields, the man who created the similar U.S.S. Enterprise coffee table.

I'm subscribing to the Barry Shields version. After some high-tech sleuthing, I noticed the same couch pillow appears in photos of both the "Star Trek" coffee table and the "Star Wars" coffee table. The rug is suspiciously similar, as well.

There's no word on pricing or availability for this unique item, but Shields' Enterprise table was up for $3,100 early last year. That's less than a spare Yoda head from the "Star Wars" movies.

(Via Gizmodo)