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X-wing fighter bunk bed built for lucky young Jedi

The Force is strong with this one. An elaborate X-wing fighter bunk bed has its own R2-D2, light-up control panels, and flat-screen TV.

X-wing fighter bed
Sweet dreams, young Jedi. DarthDaddy42

Ambitious geek parents who want to build "Star Wars"-themed furniture for their kids have a lot to live up to. After all, we've already seen an impressive handmade AT-AT bed. That didn't stop Imgur user DarthDaddy42 from tackling the creation of an X-wing fighter bunk bed for his son.

The bunk bed consists of a large X-wing on top and a full sleeping space below (with "Star Wars" blankets, naturally). A ladder connects the two pieces, offering access to the cockpit above. There's a flat-screen TV aimed at the front window and an R2-D2 cooler to provide navigation and keep drinks chilled.

DarthDaddy42 clearly poured a tremendous amount of time and an obsession for detail into the project. The cockpit is full of switches and gauges. The strike foil wings move. The canopy opens upward. There's a DVD player hidden inside the starfighter for playing "Star Wars" movies in style.

Pretty much the only thing missing is the ability to actually fly around in space.

Though DarthDaddy42 clearly identifies with the Dark Side of the Force, it's heartening to know he's encouraging his kid to become a Jedi though X-wing fighter training.

The only problem with this bunk bed is how hard all those other "Star Wars" parents are going to have to work to top it. I'm going to need to see an entire furniture suite with a slimy Jabba the Hutt chaise lounge, a Death Star sphere chair, and a bunk bed made out of Tie fighters with Wampa-skin comforters.

X-wing figher bed young jedi
Wow, the Jedis keep recruiting them younger and younger. DarthDaddy42

(Via Geekologie)