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X-pensive X-Wing: Star Wars prop fetches $160,000 at auction

An auction of coveted Hollywood memorabilia has pulled pop culture fans out of the woodwork, with original costumes and props from Star Wars and Star Trek raking in tens of thousands of dollars.


An X-Wing model used in Star Wars Episode IV on display at the California Science Center.

Stephen Osman/Getty

You might call yourself a Star Wars fan, but are you willing to pay $160,000 to prove it?

A treasure trove of original Hollywood memorabilia went under the hammer last week, with original costumes and set pieces from "Star Wars", "Star Trek" and "Raiders of the Lost Arc" all up for grabs. The bidding war took place online, run by California-based auction house, Profiles in History.

There were plenty of highlights in the lots, and the fans were willing to bid. The golden headpiece from the Staff of Ra, used by Indiana Jones himself, saw a top bid of $70,000 according to CNBC, while more than 320 of Patrick Stewart's scripts from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" pulled in $25,000.

The original yellow and blue tunics worn by Captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock in the original "Star Trek" series also went for $60,000 apiece in a single bid.

But perhaps proving once and for all which is the better of the Star-themed franchises (controversial!), the original X-Wing fighter from "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope" pipped these bids, going for $160,000.

Red Leader would be impressed.