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Alien frightens life out of New Yorkers, thanks to 'X-Files'

Commentary: To get viewers primed for a new season of the famed sci-fi series, an alien invades a New York Post newspaper dispenser.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


He seems like a decent sort.

Fox/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you've ever picked up the New York Post, you'll be aware that it can contain some frightening images and thoughts.

None, though, is quite the fright some New Yorkers just endured, as they reached for a free copy of the paper from a dispenser on the street.

This dispenser, you see, had been invaded by an alien.

Sometimes the alien just reached out a hand from the dispenser. Other times, well, it was braver and popped its head out of the top.

Naturally, many New Yorkers screamed. Well, you don't expect a quiet reaction from a New Yorker, do you?

Still, some New Yorkers managed to get a good chuckle out of the whole thing.

One woman looked upon the alien and simply said, "Oh, hell no." She didn't appear frightened in the slightest.

You might wonder about the explanation for this alien behavior. Well, it was all to promote the new series of "The X-Files," which premieres Jan. 3.

As for the brains behind the scare, that was Michael Krivicka, who's masterminded many viral scares in the past. Remember the "Rings" horror movie stunt in the electronics store?

Krivicka promised me no one died during the filming and that all the participants were subsequently made aware of their parts in promoting Mulder and Scully in the video. 

I worry, though, about the whole idea of the truth still being out there. With so much fake news being peddled (and I'm not specifically referring to the Post here), how will we know when we finally encounter the real aliens?

Or have we done so already? 

A scene from the shoot. She's not happy.

Emon Hassan (with permission)

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