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#X campaign goes viral to fight texting while driving

Social-media campaign aimed at discouraging people from texting behind the wheel has so far garnered more than 5 million pledges.

CBS News Staff

#X. If you've seen that curious message pop up in a text and wondered what it was about, well, wonder no more. The hashtag is a quick way people can let friends know they're getting behind the wheel -- and won't be texting while driving.

Getting people to use #X and put down their phones in the car is part of AT&T's "It Can Wait" campaign, whose goal is to discourage people from texting while driving, a dangerous distraction linked to thousands of accidents each year. AT&T has garnered the support of more than 1,500 organizations and enlisted celebrity help from the likes of Tim McGraw and Demi Lovato to spread the message on social media. The program has so far gotten more than 5 million pledges not to text while driving.

Many people are helping to spread the word on Twitter:

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