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WWDC keynote announcements: CNET readers react

CNET readers are excited about the new Retina Display MacBook Pro and much more.

Apple reveals a new fleet of Macs to the delight and consternation of CNET readers. CNET

Even before Apple's WWDC 2012 kicked off with a keynote from CEO Tim Cook and other members of the team behind one of the world's most valuable companies (sometimes the most valuable, depending on the price of oil and ExxonMobil stock at any given moment), CNET readers were already chatting up the big event and what big announcements would be the talk of the day.

Joel Rubio left us this comment on the CNET Facebook page that sets the scene nicely:

Exciting tech day in San Francisco. Apple's WWDC2012! Notably, the anticipation of any news about iPhone 5 and iOS6. I think I've given up on the possibility that companies like Google and Microsoft can create such a magical event. Though I do remember Microsoft having such a moment with Windows 95. However, I'm glad to realize that a certain company is able to create, IMHO, a somewhat similar mystique as Apple -- Facebook.
Reader Joe Peagam tweeted us this morning "would love to see new 3D maps in IOS6" -- and he got it.

The first big product announcement during the keynote, though, came in the form of an update to the Mac line, highlighted by a new MacBook Pro with a Retina Display.

On Twitter, CNET Live viewer SantiagoBlue wondered how Windows would look on the display, while many others said they were eager to order one of the new systems.

"I may have to sell several of my other machines... and maybe a kidney... to afford it, but I love the look of that new macbook pro," tweeted @gveloper.

Before the new MacBook Pro price was revealed, predictions from readers on the price of the Retina Display MacBook Pro ran the gamut from the presumably sarcastic $1 to the also presumably sarcastic $4,999. Turns out the ultra-thin laptop comes with a quad-core processor and starts at $2,199 for 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM.

Naturally, there were some haters, too.

"It's amusing seeing the info coming out of WWDC and being like: my Dell laptop's more powerful than that and I only paid $750," tweeted @genghisdani.

Shortly after the MacBook Pro announcement, Apple's stock price began to decrease a bit, causing some chatter among readers, but Apple's announcement of iOS 6 and the introduction of Siri to the iPad quickly returned the focus back to San Francisco's Moscone Center.

Siri gets new life in iOS 6 and on the iPad. CNET

"Would it not be great for Siri to answer the phone for you and speak to the person on your behalf?" @gareth_eu tweeted.

"Siri, which non-essential organs can I sell to fund the purchase of this new MacBook Pro?" snarked @nickchester.

And perhaps the canniest observation about the new feature from @Averiz -- "dictating tweets will add a whole new level to drunk tweeting."

Before the keynote was even over, reader SmashingAvatar on Twitter was already looking toward next year's WWDC:

So, what are your reactions to today's WWDC announcements?