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Writely access now open for all

Writely access now open for all

Wait lists are a dreaded fact of modern life, whether you're queuing at the DMV for a driver's license or at the old-world bakery for a chocolate-marzipan birthday cake. Thankfully, the wait is over if you've been champing at the bit to try Writely, a free word processor now owned by Google and until now closed to a limited number of testers. You can sign up at With a stable Internet connection and a Web browser, Writely lets you type, format, edit, and share text documents, which you can save in various file formats, including PDFs, and post to blogs. Writely can eliminate the need for pricey desktop software, such as Microsoft Word, although we think it's a good idea to keep a word processor on your hard drive if you can't rely on your flaky Net connection and if you need advanced features, such as integration with a spreadsheet app, such as Excel. Writely's our favorite Web-based word processor, and it's free. Just keep in mind that among other online tools from Google, Writely isn't a finished product yet, so you might run into quirks.