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This luggage cover rocks a giant photo of your face

Forget asking, "Is that my bag?" You will know for sure when your luggage is wearing a horrifyingly huge photo of your own mug.

Make your suitcase stand out from the crowd.


You will never again have to worry about someone accidentally walking off with your suitcase from the baggage carousel if you invest in a Head Case luggage cover from UK weird-stuff retailer Firebox. The custom-made polyester spandex cover has your own mug (or your friend's or your cat's) printed all over it, bigger than life-size. You just have to provide a high-resolution photo.

Firebox's example shows a bearded man grimacing with the cover wrapped over a hard-shell rolling suitcase. It definitely stands out from the usual sedate luggage designs. You will need to think long and hard about what facial expression you would like to have immortalized on your rolling bag. 

Firebox says the cover is durable and will protect your luggage from damage. It features the same design on both sides and attaches with two adjustable buckle fasteners. The cover is available in three sizes with the small size costing $26 (£20, AU$32). 

There's no word yet on whether or not the TSA in the US will be thrilled to see your luggage cover, or if the officer will just cut it off or make it disappear when the agency wants to inspect your baggage. Hopefully, the TSA will be amused enough to treat it with care and put it back where it was.