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Wrap your head around this BlackBerry concept

RIM isn't doing much to innovate its handset designs, so maybe it should call up designer John Anastasiadis, who has a pretty interesting concept for a BlackBerry.

John Anastasiadis/Yanko Design

Remember Nokia's concept phone with a flexible screen?

Well, designer John Anastasiadis has applied it to a BlackBerry concept phone featuring a display that wraps around to the back.

The additional screen real estate enables separate work spaces to be set up on the front and back of the phone. Due to the flexible screen technology, the phone is light and has the ability to differentiate between an intentional command and a hand that's just holding the phone.

John Anastasiadis/Yanko Design

Anastasiadis explains on the Yanko Design Web site that the front- and rear-facing cameras are positioned underneath the screens. When necessary, the area around the camera lens becomes transparent.

Interestingly, Anastasiadis has visualized a landscape QWERTY slider, which is a form factor that has never been seen on any existing BlackBerry handset. Perhaps this is the kind of revolutionary design that RIM needs in order to turn its fortunes around.

(Source: Crave Asia via Yanko Design)