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Woz's iTunes crashes! He's off to an Apple store

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's rehearsals have been deranged by his iTunes crashing. He is unable to listen back to his Argentine tango tune, and he will have to go to an Apple store.

I know that most of you are, by now, so into "Dancing with the Stars" that you are being accused of ADD. Attention to Dancing Disorder.

So please pay attention, because I have an announcement to make. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's iTunes has crashed. And it is affecting his rehearsals significantly.

I know that you will all want to join me at the heart of the problem. So here is Woz's own description from his latest e-mail to his Facebook Support Group: "it quits with horrible error messages...odd, since I'd had no crashes of any kind...I hope my MacBook Pro SSD is not losing bits."

I know that some may lose a bit or two at the thought of Woz wandering down to his local Apple Store to get his iTunes fixed. But that is precisely what he intends to do at some point Thursday.

"I think the judges have something to do with these error messages." Cc Dnak

Here's why this is so important. Woz and his partner, the patient, pouting Karina Smirnoff, will be dancing the Argentine tango next Monday. And the tune to which they will be enacting their PG-13 sex ritual is not one that is familiar to Woz. Buddy Holly wasn't really a tango man.

This means that Woz needs to give it extra listens so that he can capture its rhythms and dark subtleties, and so that he can prepare his body for the moment when Karina wraps one of her legs around him and whispers sweet everythings into his ear, shoulder, or wherever her head ends up.

I don't know which Apple store Woz will choose, but I hope that every Apple employee in the LA area is on red alert.

It's not every day you can participate in helping a tech legend tango his way to the peak of entertainment.