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Woz thought Jobs film script 'crap', turned down work offer

Steve Wozniak has offered up some more thoughts on the first Steve Jobs film, and they're not all positive.

More jOBS news: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has now he's revealed he was offered a chance to work on the film, but turned it down, The Verge reports. Wozniak's already publicly derided the film charting the rise of Steve Jobs, based on a short clip he's seen.

"I was approached early on," he said, adding he was sent an early script. "I read a script as far as I could stomach it and felt it was crap."

Instead, the people behind the other Steve Jobs film -- written by The Social Network scribe Aaron Sorkin -- tapped Woz up, and he agreed to help them. "The Sony people got in contact with me too and in the end I went with them," he said. "You can't do both [films] and be paid."

Expanding on what he thought was wrong with the script, Woz added, "The early script did things like promote drugs in ways that were as foreign as the clip I saw. For example, it would have Jobs offering me drugs.

"I never saw Jobs do drugs nor had any offers from him. If we ever discussed drugs, he would have known that I didn't do them but that I basically approved of them and hung around with friends who did them (in college) so he wouldn't have felt awkward talking about them with me. Frankly, we talked about our jobs and technology and things."

He also said the personalities in a clip he'd seen were "very wrong" and that he wasn't sure "what it's getting at".

Though he wasn't all negative. (And in the film's defence, the drugs scene he's referring to seems to have been dropped, from the reviews I've read.) "I still told everyone that I thought the Jobs movie would be a big hit and I looked forward to it," he said. "I felt they did a very good job of casting, looking for good actors who could play the roles."

Are you looking forward to the film? Or do you think Aaron Sorkin will pen a better effort? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.