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Woz plays Segway polo

Woz plays Segway polo

Spied at the Maker Faire: Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak playing Segway polo on a small patch of grass with other folks from the Silicon Valley Aftershocks polo team.

Compared to regular horsey polo, Segway polo is a bargain. You need only one Segway, not a trailer full of horses. Still, the sport is not big. I talked with player Victor Miller (writer of the first Friday the 13th movie). I asked him how many players there were worldwide, and he snapped back, "28." That's about enough for two teams. But it's a good sport, he says. Since "all Segways go the same speed," the rider's skill makes the difference, not the stamina of the mount.

The Segway polo players occasionally play demonstration matches during regular polo games, so next time you're relaxing at the Silicon Valley Polo Club, keep your eyes open for them.

Update: More photos and a video.