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Woz not turned on by iPhone 5C

Apple's co-founder seems generally underwhelmed by Apple's new product announcements. He prefers things a little more "high-end."

Pretty blue phones do not do it for him. James Martin/CNET

Can you imagine Steve Wozniak with a bright blue iPhone?

Somehow, I can. Somehow, he can't.

Indeed, in an interview with WiredUK, the Apple co-founder poured rather lukewarm water over the fire of Apple's latest excitable launch.

While admitting that the joy with Apple products truly comes when you hold them up close and stroke them lovingly, he also mused: "Nothing grabbed my attention like a lot of Apple products."

When it comes to the iPhone 5C, nothing grabbed any part of him at all.

"I'm not turned on by the 5C," he said.

He did concede, however: "But hey, maybe that's where a huge market is and I'm just not the person."

Apple CEO Tim Cook was insistent in pointing out to Bloomberg Businessweek that the 5C isn't a trashy product.

Still, Woz pointedly offered: "I'm usually interested in the more high-end anyway." Well, except for his appearance on "Dancing With The Stars," of course.

Woz loves the design of the iPhone 4 and 5. However, the iPhone 5S also leaves him less than lifted.

"All it means is, 'Oh gosh, now I've got to get three new phones to get the three 5S colors,'" he said.

You don't have to get the three new colors. Not unless you need them to match different outfits or murses.

Woz, who is very open about his catholic love of technology, seemed very excited about smartwatches ("I want the entire smartphone, the entire internet, on my wrist") and Google Glass.

His reason for thinking Google Glass might succeed? "I want one."

Human desire is such a fickle thing. Sometimes, when you think you want something, the worst thing you can do is to actually get it.

There are few worse feelings than disappointment.