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Woz injured again--may not dance

Steve Wozniak's tenure on "Dancing with the Stars" looks like it may be coming to an ignominious end. He injured his hamstring in rehearsals on Friday.

If those who died generations ago were to be reincarnated, they would surely choose to come back as Steve Wozniak's mind rather than his body.

On Friday, he rehearsed his way into a hamstring strain and was seen hobbling around a CVS Pharmacy in Los Angeles. As far as I am aware, he was not in search of more chocolate.

According to E! Online, a CVS shopper reported that the Apple co-founder was "limping pretty badly."

In truth, his tenure on "Dancing with the Stars" was already limping pretty badly.

Having accused ABC's producers of lying and setting him up, he withdrew his complaints, described the producers as scrupulously honest (a first in Hollywood history, if ever there was one), and even took down his critical e-mail.

He has already suffered a fractured foot and a painful knee. Even his pride was taking a beating from the less than complimentary judges.

"Ladies and gentlemen! The bionic Woz!" CC Eric Rhoads

This week, neither his blog ("Welcome to a Free Exchange of Information, the Way it always Should Be") nor his Facebook Support Group have received any updates from the man himself.

Of course, perhaps this is just another conspiracy theory. Just as Woz's accusations of a conspiracy last week came true (he was in a dance-off, which he won), perhaps this week, he is lulling the other competitors into a false sense of security, before suddenly blooming into a cross between Astaire and Baryshnikov.

You think I am puffing on a suspicious cigar? Here is my evidence. On Friday, Woz.org, Steve Wozniak's blog, had an update and a picture of the newly disabled Woz. Both have suddenly disappeared.

On Monday at 8 p.m., we will see if Woz's hamstring injury was merely ham(string) acting.