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Woz: I WILL samba tonight! Vote for me!

Steve Wozniak decides his gammy hamstring is up to the task on "Dancing with the Stars" this evening. Will it present the last chance to help the Apple co-founder?

It's been a tense 24 hours for those who love high-class entertainment.

But Steve Wozniak has finally decided that, hamstring be damnedstring, he will samba with his professional partner, Karina Smirnoff, on tonight's "Dancing with the Stars."

In a typically emotional e-mail to his Facebook Support Group, Woz revealed that he was wincing when he walked. This is much more painful than mincing.

However, Karina, the wily, sophisticated, slightly moody Russian, has modified their samba routine so that Woz's strained hamstring can take the strain.

However, the artist's heightened consciousness of subterfuge and conspiracy that so richly decorated Woz's e-mails of last week has not entirely disappeared.

He said: "(Karina) was of the opinion that if I withdrew from 'Dancing With The Stars,' rumors would fly that I was using this injury as an excuse. She has danced with pulled hamstrings many times. I can tell you from how this one felt that it's not the same for a 20-year-old as it is for a 58-year-old."

There are, indeed, few things more poisonous to a man's reputation than flying rumors. Ask any ABC producer.

"Madam, would you like to see my samba?" CC Eric Rhoads

Woz is extremely concerned that he is behind the other couples in rehearsal time: "We lost nearly two days of rehearsal due to my inability to do anything, not to mention hospitals and MRIs and more over two days. So rehearsalwise, we are behind everyone else, but we are feeling confident that we can do something of value tomorrow. You'll have to see."

I fear I may be saying this for the last time, but the tech world has singularly failed to support the Woz in his quest for toe-twinkling greatness.

The fact that he was in the bottom two last week, coupled with the fact that he himself declared the voting to be scrupulously accurate (having suggested previously that it might actually resemble a four-dollar bill), tells me that Woz's disciples are sitting on their hands, burying their heads in World of Warcraft, and refusing to dial and click.

While the great man said he is very tired and would prefer people not to e-mail and call him, he is desperate to be the round mound of rebound of this week's show (airing at 8 p.m. EST and PST, and 7 p.m. in the central desert).

Would it really hurt for you all to vote for him, say, 13 times? For all lovers of high-class entertainment, if nothing else.

I will, of course, be glued to the action tonight and describing it as soon after the performance as my joie de vivre allows.