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Woz: 'I hope Microsoft...becomes more like Apple'

While in New Zealand to play a little Segway polo, Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak made some extensive and interesting comments to the local press about the company, the iPod, Intel and Microsoft.

Here are some highlights of Wozniak's interview with The Globe and Mail:

• On the switch to Intel processors: "It's like consorting with the enemy. We've had this long history of saying the enemy is the big black-hatted guys, and they kind of represent evil. We are different, and by being different we're better. All of a sudden we're the same in this hardware regard, so it's a little hard to swallow your words from the past."

• On the future of the iPod within Apple: "We're a computer company, and we really think computers. Spinning off a separate division makes a whole lot of sense."

• On Microsoft developing a music player: "If they do it, they better do it excellent, excellent, excellent because the iPod sure is."

• On innovation at Microsoft: "I hope Microsoft improves and becomes more like Apple."

The Globe and Mail's full story is here.