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Woz advises deep-Web search firm

Apple's co-founder and tech celebrity Steve Wozniak has joined DeepDyve's advisory board.

Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak Stephen Shankland/CNET News

Apple co-founder and "Dancing With the Stars" celebrity du jour Steve Wozniak has joined the advisory board of DeepDyve, a "deep Web" search company that aims to discover hard-to-find information on the Internet that mainstream search engines overlook.

"The deep Web holds an almost limitless wealth of data, yet most of that information is collecting dust because nobody's come up with a way to mine the data in a way that's useful to researchers and consumers," Wozniak said in a statement Tuesday.

DeepDyve, formerly named Infovell, specializes in searches for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, patents, physical-science areas, and Wikipedia.

"Steve's place in the history of computing is already well established. But what sets him apart is his passion for technology and his commitment to mentoring and fostering the next generation of technology companies," DeepDyve Chief Executive William Park said in a statement.