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WowWee Cinemin Swivel: Bendy micro-projector for iPods

A projector for your iPhone sounds like an amazingly good idea. So good in fact, someone made one. It ain't cheap, but that should mean it'll, y'know, project

A projector for your iPod, you say? A battery-powered pocket-sized projector, you say? Useful for projecting images of imaginary relatives on to the wall next to your bed so you don't feel so hopelessly alone anymore, you say? Crikey, we're practically dripping with curiosity. Also fear.

We are of course talking about a new pocketable projector from WowWee -- the Cinemin Swivel. It costs 350 of your Earth pounds, but its lens -- mounted on a hinge that swivels 90 of your Earth degrees -- will throw video from your iPhone or iPod on to any flat surface or large-ish mammal. We recommend dead ones, they move less.

Goodness us, just imagine watching Black Beauty -- on a horse! Or Homeward Bound -- on a dog! Or porn -- on an arse! You could go crazy: cheerleaders on one cheek, Japanese maids on the other. Fun times.

From the 480x320-pixel moving picture beast you can snag a maximum image size of 5m. And from a full charge over USB you'll get two hours of projector-based fun.

It'll be on sale in September, and all being well, we'll get one in and give you a hands-on report.