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Would you use Windows for these applications?

When should one choose Windows over Linux? Not in these 10 areas.

I had to laugh at this list of the top-ten worst uses of Windows. Windows has its places, but I'm not sure that this is one of them:

...[A]t the main security checkpoint to get into Detroit Metro there are monitors over each metal detector. The ONLY thing those monitors ever display is a big green arrow pointing down. Oh, occasionally they display a blue screen with a Windows error notice.

Or how's this for a secure kiosk?

A little retailer in the Boston area used stand alone kiosks for presenting job application forms. Hackers found it convenient to compromise the Windows based machine and steal tens of millions of credit cards from the retailer.

Again, Windows has its place (like, um, on tens of millions of consumer desktops). It's surprising to see people misusing it in these ways. I'm not a blind promoter of Linux, particularly for desktop applications, but the two mentioned above are prime candidates for a secure, robust Linux.