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Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple: Who makes your cut?

A single tweet has launched a thousand crises.

New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo took to Twitter with a deceptively simple question:

Checking in on the replies, people are getting really stressed at the prospect of missing out on even one of the four pillars of our modern tech existence.

A few of our own CNET editors weighed in on the bizarre tech company version of Bang, Marry, Kill (which is a game where you are presented with three celebrities, and you need to choose which of them you would bang, marry or kill. It's pretty self-explanatory):

For the record, I'd put Apple on the chopping block first, then Amazon, Facebook and Google. But I'm yet to experience life under Jeff Bezos in Australia, so let's see how that changes in 2017.

Of course, as people discovered, Netflix runs off Amazon's AWS, so no bingeing if you make that cut. But good luck trawling for likes on Instagram without Facebook. And woe betide you if you need directions without Google.

So basically, Manjoo is an evil genius and we're all way too dependent on tech. Maybe if we could cut Twitter first none of us would be in this predicament.

How about you? Let us know how you'd rank those services in the comments below.

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