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Would you pay $8,000 for a dancing J-Pop robot?

If so, you're in luck!

How much can a figurine collection cost you? A heck of a lot, it turns out.

Tokyo-based Speecys' Kosaka Cocona robot is a 45-cm tall, dancing J-Pop figurine -- and it'll set you back 980,000 yen, according to Rocket News 24. That's about $8,600, £6,900 or AU$11,175.

Each of Kosaka's 34 joints can be programmed to make the pop starlet dance to different tunes. She's powered by Raspberry Pi3 and can connects to a computer or tablets, which let you teach her customised dance moves through MikuMikuDance software.

It's far from the first quirky convergence J-Pop has had with tech over in Japan. The $2,600 Gatebox home robot is like the Amazon Echo but with a giggling, animated Japanese girl inside. Then there's Hatsune Miku, which started as a piece of audio software and became an international celebrity.

There's already a market for expensive robotics in Japan, with SoftBank's Pepper robot selling out time after time in the country.

Speecys started taking orders for the Kosaka Cocona robot earlier this month.

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