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Would you pay $10 for this iPhone accessory?

iLuv is selling the i114, a thin piece of protective plastic for your iPhone screen plastic--for a whopping $9.99.

The price of protection: the i114 Clear Scratch Resistant Film. iLuv

I just got a press release from iLuv announcing its new line of iPhone 3G cases, which are--excuse the pun--just luvely. However, in clicking through to the site I was struck by one accessory the company is selling: the i114, which also goes by the longer name Clear Scratch Resistant Film. It's designed to lay on top of your scratch-resistant iPhone screen and keep it from getting scratched. That's cool. But the thing costs $9.99. Throw in some tax and shipping and you're probably looking at close to $15 for a thin piece of plastic that can't cost more than 10 cents to manufacture.

Of course, iLuv isn't the first company to make such an accessory--and probably not the first to charge $9.99 for it. But come on, this thing should cost no more than $3.99. I realize the electronics accessories business is good for a reason (really large margins), but I gotta call foul here. Anybody else like to point out an outrageous price for a marginal accessory (AV cables withstanding)?