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Would you move your family to Sprint for $400?

A leaked promo flyer shot shows the third-place carrier really wants you to switch over, and it's willing to pay for your business.

Sprint wants your family's business, and they're willing to pay for it. (Click for full size image) Phone Arena

Sprint seems to be saying "What else do you want from us? We've got unlimited data, but we're still not good enough? What should we do, pay you to switch to us? OK, fine!"

PhoneArena has posted a photo of what looks to be a print ad for Sprint that offers a $400 credit to customers that switch over at least three lines to one of the carrier's Everything Data Share plans.

The cash rebate has to be used "in store" -- presumably meaning Sprint stores -- at the time of purchase to go towards the cost of new phones. A contract will be required and the deal starts Sunday and ends September 15, according to the flyer.

So what's really going on here is that Sprint will front you some cash for some fancy phones if you bring your family over from elsewhere, meaning you could potentially walk out of the store with a new 16 GB iPhone 4S and a pair of Galaxy Nexuses (Nexi?), or maybe throw a Samsung Galaxy S III in the mix for free.

Sprint's unlimited data is of course an attractive selling point as well, but the third-place carrier remains well behind Verizon in the race toroll out 4G.

If you can't make it into a Sprint store, the carrier is also offering a $100 American Express reward card and will waive the $36 activation fee with any smartphone purchase made online with a new contract.

All in all, it's a pretty good time to get a top flight smartphone from Sprint, but I'm going to hold out a little longer to see if they might be willing to throw in a personal butler and laundry service.