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Would you let your toddler drive this robot?

"Ringbo" supposedly lets a 2-year-olds steer with joysticks.


Whether they're riding Segways or cleaning buildings, some of the most aggressively animated robots are coming out of South Korean R&D labs. But they also have a softer side too--at least, that's what we hope.

The "Ringbo" is a robotic vehicle for children that can be steered with game-like joysticks sticking out of its head like a pair of antennae. It can run for an hour on a 6- or 8-hour charge, according to OhGizmo, which added that it's not exactly sure why. We're equally baffled, especially given that this is supposedly designed for kids who are 2 or 3 years old, with a 66-pound weight limit. (Would you let your toddlers drive anything on their own?)

Maybe it's some kind of scheme by the gaming industry to hook them on joysticks as soon as their motor skills are far enough developed. Or, if we're lucky, maybe a future version will teach them how to do the dishes.