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Would you eat a marshmallow zapped by a Tesla coil?

Weird science! Some California makers wanted to know if the sparks from a Tesla coil could roast marshmallows, so they built one to find out.

Tesla coil roasting marshmallows
The ultimate way to make s'mores (?) Brian Green

Brian Green and a group of young California makers were curious if the sparks from a Tesla coil, the high-voltage transformer invented by Nikola Tesla in the 1890s, would roast marshmallows.

So they cooked up a tasty backyard experiment in over-engineering to discover the answer. Using a foam pool noodle, aluminum tape, and lots of know-how, they got to work building the top load for their homemade coil.

Then, they started constructing the rest of their electrical contraption, and when they were finished, the mad geniuses tested it out.

As you can see in the photo, their custom-built apparatus shot purple sparks into the soft, sugary puffs.

But did it work? Did their marshmallows get roasted?

"In spite of the voltage being in the 10s of thousands they were only moderately melted. Probably not the most efficient way to cook marshmallows but definitely the most exciting :)" Green reports at Instructables.


The verdict: Making s'mores this summer? Probably best to stick with the old-fashioned campfire method.