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Would you buy a 3D camera?

A new US study has shown that nearly one in four photographers will buy a 3D-enabled camera in 2011. Will you be making the jump?

A new study from the Consumer Electronics Association in the United States has found that nearly one in four photographers (23 per cent) will buy a 3D-enabled camera in 2011.

While there's no equivalent data for Australian photographers, 3D cameras and associated applications have really started to filter down to the local market.

The only true 3D camera in Australia at the moment is the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3, which has two lenses. Panasonic has a 3D lens for its interchangeable lens cameras that can shoot 3D images, but many of the high-end 2011 compacts have some sort of 3D functionality. This includes the Panasonic range, which takes a sequence of images across the horizontal axis and chooses the best two to make a 3D image from, as well as the Sony range with 3D Sweep Panorama.

The main reasons people cited for wanting to buy a 3D camera are because they:

  • Are interested in 3D technology
  • Appreciated the additional photographic options
  • Wanted to be on the cutting edge of technology
  • Believed 3D would help them be more creative

Respondents to the survey also said they would use their 3D camera primarily to take photos of natural landscapes and historical sites. The desire to buy a 3D camcorder among the same group was lower, with just one in 10 saying they would buy a dedicated unit in 2011.

To view 3D photographs you need either a 3D-enabled TV, a digital photo frame that can show 3D images or a camera that has a lenticular screen to simulate the 3D effect.

Will 3D influence your next camera purchase? Let us know in the poll above and leave us your comments below.