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Worst products of the year

Products from 2012 that must have sounded like a good idea -- but weren't.

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It's actually somewhat difficult to track down CNET's lowest-rated reviews of 2012. Our whole site is designed to surface the best, most-worthy products to the top and help you make a smart shopping decision. The losers all tend to sink into obscurity. But with some careful sorting I was able to cobble together all of the reviews of the past year rated under three stars.

But we're a pretty ruthless bunch here at CNET, so narrowing the list down to just five selections wasn't easy. For this list, I went with my personal picks. That meant leaving out the abysmal ZTE Score M, since I already roasted that thing in my "Top 5 phones to avoid." I also left out products like the HP Pavilion HPE Phoenix h9z and Kodak ESP 3.2 All-in-One Printer, because they were more chronically disappointing than truly awful.

In general, I picked the products that were laughably bad. Each of these products deserves a Ken Burns-style documentary that starts with an optimistic inventor's well-intentioned idea, and ends with a truck unloading the unsold product into a landfill.

So here are my picks for the worst products rated here at CNET. If I missed something worthy of this list, feel free to nominate your own worst products in the comments section.


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