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Worry-free screwing off with the press of a button

The USB foot pedal security button, which hides your time-wasting activities, is disguised as an extension cord.

Ever had one of those days where you're just not motivated to get any work done? You're sitting there with a ton of projects due, but you just can't pull yourself away from whatever game you're trying to run on your work computer.

Now, I could say that you should probably get your priorities straight and start taking your job more seriously, but screw that. No, you should own the half-assed effort you're putting into your career.

Just don't get caught. The best way to not get caught is to not screw off. The second best way is to use the USB Foot Pedal Security Button.

Disguised as an extension cord, the button sits under your foot while you YouTube to your heart's content. As soon as your boss or that nosy tattletale of a co-worker walks by, BAM, it instantly conceals your screen. I'm not sure how it conceals your screen just yet, though.

The button can be found for as little as $8. Just think of the amount of lost man-hours that buys you.