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Worldtalk secures email

Worldtalk debuts a new email firewall for customers who want extra security for groupware.

Worldtalk (WTLK) today introduced a new firewall for companies that want extra security for email and groupware.

WorldSecure Server integrates security features, including server-based encryption and digital signatures, for existing email networks. It lets systems managers easily define and enforce email security and encryption policies for all users and departments within an organization.

A client version helps ensure that email messages are not tampered with and are read only by designated recipients. Client and server software can work independently.

The WorldSecure software protects email communications within a company or with its remote offices, business partners, and customers.

Features include screening for viruses, controlling nuisance email or spam, restricting access of employees or groups, and delivering an audit trail for business transactions.

WorldSecure Server can be used inside a network's firewalls or next to SMTP gateways for added security. It also monitors all inbound and outbound email traffic.

WorldSecure Server works as an overlay to existing email and messaging networks and provides security to most email systems, including Internet mail, such as Netscape SuiteSpot; client-server mail systems, such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and cc:Mail; and legacy mail systems, such as IBM PROFS and DEC All-In-1.

WorldSecure complements other network security components, including traditional firewalls from Check Point Software and others, certificate authorities such as Entrust and VeriSign, Trend Micro's email attachment virus-scanning software, and security technologies from RSA Data Security and Security Dynamics.

Both products support open standards, including S/MIME, LDAP, and X.509 digital certificates. WorldSecure Server is a native 32-bit application, and runs on Windows NT.

Scheduled to ship by October, WorldSecure Server will cost $10,000 or more. The client software is immediately available through Worldtalk and its authorized resellers; a single-user client license is $90, with volume pricing discounts. A free 30-day trial version of the client software can be downloaded from Worldtalk's Web site.