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'World's smallest' RC copter is no less annoying

It's barely longer than a credit card.


What could possibly be more annoying than buzzing your friends and co-workers with a "PicoZ Micro Helicopter"? Try the new "PicoZ MX-1 Extreme," which makes the bold claim of being "the world's smallest remote control chopper."

The difference might seem minuscule to the untrained eye--4.6 inches vs. the original's 5.3 inches--but if you're of Lilliputian origins, the discrepancy is massive. Other than that, Coolest-Gadgets says the quarter-ounce copter has many of the same features as its older and larger sibling, including twin channels, a built-in lithium battery, adjustable trim control, and up to 10 minutes of flight time on a charge of 20 to 25 minutes.

The mini-chopper is described as "only slightly longer than a credit card," but U.K.-based Firebox, which is selling the MX-1, describes it best: "So small even Tom Thumb (or Cruise) would have trouble climbing aboard."