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World's simplest plug-in speakers

We hope they're more than just a concept

Technology can be a funny thing sometimes. Just when we've finished carping about something--in this case the dearth of wireless home audio systems--someone comes along with a product that goes in the opposite extreme. Case in point: The "Plug & Enjoy" mini-speakers from Yanko Design.

These tiny speakers do precisely what their name implies, plugging directly into the wall for your listening pleasure. According to OhGizmo, they work this way: "Roughly the size of a power adapter, the speakers plug into any outlet and are designed to receive an FM signal from your stereo, iPod, cellphone or anything else that can be connected to an FM transmitter. Once plugged in you turn the front part of the speaker (which acts like a knob) until if finds the signal coming from your music player."

Unfortunately, the Yanko site doesn't provide any pricing or purchasing information, so we're not sure if this is an actual product on the market or only a concept. Still, we're happy to see that others are joining us in our crusade.