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World's nuttiest luxe Apple accessories

From a gold case that costs as much as a yacht to an iPod dock that requires a ladder, we've got some of the strangest, most luxurious Apple accessories ever created.

It's a rocking chair and an idock. It's an iRock. Micasa Lab

There's something about Apple products that seems to attract luxurious accessories. Even Apple can't deny a certain connection to the finer things in life, as evidenced by former Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve coming onboard recently.

Apple may be considering a lower-cost iPhone, but that won't put a damper on luxury-accessory manufacturers. It seems there's a market out there for gold iPhone cases and excessive speaker systems that's free of the shackles of budgets (or sometimes good taste).

Crave has been on an extended luxury tour of over-the-top entertainment, including super-expensive boats, crushworthy cars, and pocketbook-busting watches.

Our latest installment dives into the wacky world of high-end Apple accessories ranging from a rocking-chair charger to a luxurious bed that has its own iOS app. In between, there's plenty of bling, as well as some of the stranger creations to emerge from designer's minds. Are they tacky or tempting? You decide.