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Want to prove you're not scared of heights? Check out the world's highest glass bridge

Opening soon at Zhangjiajie Canyon in China, the bridge is 300 metres high and will have three swings for thrillseekers.

The nearly completed bridge.

Haim Dotan Architects

If you have any sort of fear of heights, you might want to steer clear of this particular attraction. The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge spans the Zhangjiajie Canyon national park in China's Hunan province, and its glass floor will allow visitors to peer through their feet at the canyon floor 300 metres (984 feet) below.

It was due to open sometime in May, but was delayed due to excessive rain. However, according to Inhabitat, Joe Chen of the Zhangjiajie Canyon Tourism Management Co revealed that it could open in June or July, and is 99 percent complete.

The bridge, designed by Tel-Aviv, Israel based architect Haim Dotan, stretches 430 metres (1,410 feet) across the canyon, and is 6 metres (20 feet) wide, so it's not as fragile as it looks. That's a good thing for visitors seeking an additional thrill: The bridge will have a bungee platform and three bridge swings, one of which will have a length of 150 to 170 metres (492 to 558 feet).

This will put it in the same bracket as (perhaps even outstripping) the Nevis Swing in New Zealand, which, at 160 metres (525 feet), is currently the longest swing, bridge or otherwise, in the world.