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World's cheapest Blu-ray Disc?

The "Heathers" Blu-ray is selling for a mere $5.99 on Amazon. How long that price will last, we don't know.


A lot of people like to complain about the premium you have to pay for Blu-ray Discs, but Blu-ray price watchers should take heart in the $5.99 sale price on the "Heathers" Blu-ray at Amazon.

As one might expect from a disc that wasn't known for having particular good video quality on the DVD, this Blu-ray doesn't pack much visual punch. When Hi-def Digest's writer Kenneth Brown reviewed the disc back in November 2008, he was disappointed with the video quality but found it passable.

"Vibrant reds punctuate the experience, but the remaining image is too washed out and inconsistent to hit with any memorable impact," Brown wrote. "While the transfer's fine detail is the most improved aspect of the presentation (when compared with both previously released standard DVD editions), texture and edge clarity is a bit unreliable from shot to shot, appearing crisp at times and slightly hazy at others."

But what the hell, the thing costs $5.99 (and $5.86 at Wal-Mart) and it's a good movie, right? Apparently a lot of other people think it's a pretty good deal because it's currently the No. 29 best seller on Amazon. Who knows how long that pricing will last, but it may just be too good a deal to pass up.

Comments? Anybody see a Blu-ray movie for cheaper than this?

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